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Top Scrabble Hints

18 Feb

Nothing can replace practice and experience when it comes to getting better at Scrabble, but these tips and hints can certainly make a quick difference and help you improve rapidly.  Try to incorporate these tips into your overall game plan and you should start winning more often, starting almost immediately.

The proper Scrabble strategy can make all the difference.  You will be able to beat people that have a better vocabulary than you, and people that got better tiles than you throughout a given game because you’ll know these hints and tricks to sway the odds in your favor.  Of course, if your opponent knows these hints, it will be a level playing field.  But that’s still better than if they knew them and you didn’t because then they’d have the distinct advantage.  Because of this, it’s always beneficial to learn hints like this and incorporate them into your playing style.  It will take a bit of time to develop these ideas into real habits, but you can consciously make an effort to implement a few of these things almost immediately.  Try in your next Scrabble game!

1.  Go for 7 letter words.  Each time you use all 7 of your letters on a single play, you get 50 bonus points.

2. play defense, not just offense.  Be careful not to open up Triple Word and Triple Letter Score tiles too often for your opponent, because they will use them to score a lot of points

3. Learn the 2-letter words that are legal in Scrabble.  There are quite a few, you’ll be surprised.  These words can help you create multiple words on each play, which will get you a lot of points.

4. as mentioned above, create multiple words at a time.  Often, creating 4 short words by laying one word across another will result in more points than playing one long 5 or 6 letter word

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Playing with friends:

Most of my friends play Words with Friends on their iphones, but they don’t play regular Scrabble.

As someone who’s passionate about the game (Scrabble, not Words with Friends), I’ve started trying to get a few friends to give it a try online with me.

Most of them aren’t great at the game.  This is because Words with Friends is an easier game, and it checks words for you so you can guess whether something is a word or not.  But I’ve convinced a few friends to start playing, and it’s been a lot of fun playing against them online.  We also discuss strategies and hints to help each other improve, which is a ton of fun as well.

We’ll see where this goes.  Hopefully I can keep them hooked.  I plan to provide an update in 1-2 months.  My goal is to get my friends excited about the classic game of Scrabble, and get them to play online enough to get to a high level of skill so that we can challenge each other and eventually play in tournaments hopefully.